Why should I do these courses?

The courses on this website are designed to give you help in getting the job you want, whether you are in a job and applying for another, you are redundant or unemployed.

Using the diagnostic assessment

The assessment is designed to help you to identify the areas you feel less confident about in helping your job search and application process. The second part of the assessment is about your skills in the workplace and helping to identify which of those are your highest priority.

This will identify a number of short courses that would benefit you. You can then either purchase the credits for those courses, or discuss funded opportunities with us (although often these are restricted to geographical regions).

Using the courses for applying for jobs

Once you have access to the short courses you want, they will appear in your dashboard. Each consists of short 10-15 minute videos with an accompanying handbook. At the end there is a short quiz to complete to pass that course (some of these need to be manually marked, so may take a few days to appear in your Dashboard).

These courses are split into two categories: employability and professional development.

The employability courses relate to helping you to search, apply and get a job. The professional development courses help you to develop your skills in the workplace.

Completing one from the employability category, one from the professional development category and an additional two from either of the categories can lead to a Entry Level 3 Employability and Professional Development qualification. This looks great on your CV and is perfect for demonstrating your commitment to self-improvement for any prospective employer.

Back on the job market after a few years?

For those who have been made redundant and are seeking a more senior position, the Refresher Short Courses focus more on refreshing your CV, job hunting and professional skills to help get you back into work quickly.. .

These courses are split into three categories: employability, professional development and leadership.

Completing two from the employability category, two from the professional development category and an additional four from any of the three categories can lead to a Level One Employability and Professional Development qualification (equivalent to a low level GCSE).

Whilst this may be below the level of qualifications you already have, in terms of your CV and job application process, this is a fast way of evidencing your commitment to developing yourself and also extending your range of skills. Given the climate we are in at the moment, this will help you to stand out from other applicants as you evidence how you are committed to the getting back into work quickly and also evidencing how much you respect professional development.