Welcome to the Employability Clinic

Helping people progress into or in employment

Maybe you are unemployed, at risk of redundancy or seeking a promotion, then the Employability Clinic is for you. We exist to help you gain the skills you need to progress in work.

On this site you can access skills assessments, short courses, employment qualifications or indeed funded training.

Diagnostic Assessment and Report

We believe in giving people the right training at the right time to ensure they get the very most from their training, therefore we do not shoe-horn people into courses that they do not need.

Therefore we offer a free diagnostic assessment of the skills that will help people to get a job or progress their career.

The series of questions help people to identify skills gaps and which short courses are most relevant to help them progress in employment. This allows people to work with us 24-hours a day to assess their developmental needs and receive a tailored report containing recommendations and an action plan.

The report contains recommendations for which short courses would be most relevant.

Please note this process is slightly different for European Social Fund and DWP funded programmes, which include funding for additional support.

Tailored Training Solutions

Based on the results from the diagnostic assessment, clients are able to access the short courses that will most help them to progress in or into employment. Courses are device friendly and can be accessed provided they have internet connection.

Short courses

Each short course consists of one or two 10-15 minute videos with an accompanying handbook to help develop your skills. Learning is tested through a short online quiz.

Advanced short courses

For those seeking positions of trust or leadership roles, there is often an expectation of study at a higher level, in addition to more advanced behaviours and skills. Therefore, we have put together a collection of short courses going into the topics in more depth. For example, the customer service course at this levels covers not only communicating with customers (as the standard course), but also the impacts of poor communication with customers.

These courses tend to be two or three 10-15 minute videos with accompanying handbooks. Learning is again tested through an online quiz.

Sector specific courses

The Employability Clinic are able to offer a range of sector specific courses, to check availability of these, please contact us in the first instance.


We believe in transparent pricing, therefore we have developed a model to allow people to access the short courses across the site.

  • £25 per short course
  • £60 per advanced short course
  • £999 single user unlimited access to all courses
  • Qualifications:
    • Employability and Professional Development Award (Entry 3) £250 (includes 6 short course credits)
    • Employability and Professional Development Certificate (Entry 3) £400 (includes 8 short course credits)
    • Advanced or Leadership Employability and Professional Development Award (Level 1) £550 (includes 6 short course credits)
    • Advanced or Leadership Employability and Professional Development Certificate (Level 1) £700 (includes 8 short course credits)


Make redundancies with compassion and in a corporate responsible way

If you are an employer who is considering making redundancies, or even worse, needing to, we can offer you packages of support to allow you to show your corporate responsibility by supporting staff to gain the skills required to get a new job and avoid unemployment.

Please contact us to ask about how we can help you make your redundancy process socially responsible.

Organisations and charities

Bulk-access to support your clients and community

We work in partnership with organisations and charities to offer access to these vital tools in helping individuals access work. Whether you want to offer them to your clients, or you are in a community who would benefit from them, we are here to help.

Please contact us to enquire about how we can help.